HDFC Personal Loan Preclosure | Know The Hidden Charges | Good Tips – 2023

HDFC Personal Loan Preclosure – 2023

HDFC Bank provides you with the option of preclosing your personal loan before completion of the repayment tenure, helping to save on interest charges by repaying in full before scheduled. Please be aware that HDFC may levy preclosure charges depending on when and how often preclosing occurs as well as outstanding loan amounts.”




Welcome to our comprehensive guide of HDFC Personal Loans! In this article, we will give you all of the essential details regarding HDFC Personal Loans; including eligibility criteria, required documents, interest rates, loan types and pre-closure options – so take a deep dive and discover everything there is to know about HDFC Personal Loans!


What Is HDFC Personal Loan?

HDFC Personal Loan is a financial product offered by HDFC Bank, one of India’s premier private sector banks. It gives individuals quick access to funds for personal expenses such as wedding expenses, home renovation, medical emergencies and travel, debt consolidation as well as simple application processes – making HDFC Personal Loan a highly popular choice among borrowers.


Eligibility for HDFC Personal Loan

Eligibility criteria vary per lender – please check their respective eligibility pages for more details on applying for an HDFC Personal Loan


To be eligible for an HDFC Personal Loan, you must meet certain criteria set by the bank. These eligibility requirements typically include: Age: You should be between 21-60 years old. Employment: Either salaried employee or self-employed professional/businessperson will do.



Documents Required for HDFC Personal Loan

Income: Minimum income requirements depend on your city of residence. Credit Score: A strong credit score will increase the chances of loan approval. Existing Obligations: Existing financial obligations will also be taken into consideration when considering loan applications.


Documents: Needed for HDFC Personal Loan In order to successfully apply for an HDFC Personal Loan, specific documents will need to be provided during the application process. Typical examples of such documents are your Identity Proof documents such as Aadhaar Card, Passport, PAN Card or Voter ID etc.


Address Proofs: include Aadhaar Card, Passport, Utility Bills and Rental Agreements as address proofs; Income Proofs may include Salary Slips, Bank Statements and Income Tax Returns with Form 16 filed as well as employment Proofs such as Offer Letter, Appointment Letter or Employee ID Card etc; while Passport-sized photos will serve as employment Proof.


HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rate and Charges

HDFC Bank offers competitive interest rates on its personal loans. Their interest rates depend on factors like your credit score, income level, loan amount and repayment duration – it’s wise to research what the current charges and interest rates are prior to applying as they can change frequently.


HDFC Bank may impose fees beyond interest rates, such as processing fees, pre-payment charges, late payment charges, foreclosure fees and processing charges that need to be understood prior to applying for an HDFC Personal Loan. It’s good to do your research beforehand to avoid surprises later. Our guide on How to Apply for HDFC Personal Loan will walk you through each step!


How to Apply for HDFC Personal Loan?

Applying for an HDFC Personal Loan is a straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

Online Application: Head over to HDFC Bank’s website and fill out their online loan application form; Documentation: Gather all necessary documents needed for loan submission.

Verification: HDFC Bank will conduct a verification and eligibility assessment of your documents and assess your application before providing loan approval or disbursement of funds to your account. Upon approval, disbursement occurs as soon as approved funds have reached your bank account.


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Types of Loans Provided by HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Provides Different Loan Products

HDFC Bank offers an assortment of personal loan products tailored to meet specific needs and requirements, such as

  • Wedding Loans: Financial assistance to plan the wedding of your dreams!
  • Travel Loans: provide funding for travel adventures and vacations. Medical Loans provide quick funds for medical expenses. Home Renovation Loans provide financing options for remodeling your home.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans: consolidate multiple debts into one loan for easier management. How Can I Close Personal Loan in HDFC Bank?

How to Close Personal Loan in HDFC Bank?

To close a personal loan with HDFC Bank, follow these steps.

  • Contact HDFC Bank: Reach out to customer support or visit one of the bank’s branches;
  • Submit Formal Request (Loan Closure Request): Submit an official request that will close your account.
  • Repayment: Pay any outstanding dues or pre-closure charges that apply before closing your loan account. After verification, this account will be closed automatically.

What Is HDFC Bank’s Personal Loan Interest Rate?

 Hdfc Bank Interest rate starts from 10.49% to 24.00% Annual. Hdfc Bank offers personal loan interest rates which vary based on factors such as your creditworthiness, income level and loan amount as well as repayment duration and tenure. To gain an accurate idea of these costs it is wise to compare interest rates when applying. Checking current prevailing interest rates at application time provides an accurate view of any applicable charges or rates applicable to your personal loan application.


HDFC Personal Loan Calculator

HDFC Bank provides an online personal loan calculator, allowing borrowers to calculate and plan for monthly EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments). The loan calculator takes into account factors like loan amount, interest rate and repayment tenure to provide an estimated estimate of what an EMI payment would look like.


How to Dounload Personal Loan Statement from HDFC Bank?

How Can I Dounload Personal Loan Statement from HDFC Bank? To retrieve your personal loan statement from HDFC Bank, follow these steps: mes HDFC NetBanking: Log into your HDFC NetBanking account using your credentials; Loan Accounts: Navigate to “Loans” section or Personal Loans tab in Loan Accounts.


How to Check My Personal Loan Balance in HDFC Bank?

Select Loan Account: Choose which personal loan account statement you wish to obtain and “Dounload Statement” option in order to save it in PDF format. How Can I Check My Personal Loan Balance in HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank provides two options for checking personal loan balances:


  •  HDFC NetBanking: Simply login and view your loan account balance online;
  • HDFC Mobile Banking App: If you prefer, install and access HDFC Mobile Banking App on your smartphone for quick and convenient loan account details.
  • Customers Care of HDFC Bank: For inquiries on your personal loan balance, you can reach out to their customer care helpline.

How to Check HDFC Bank Personal Loan Status?

In order to assess the status of an HDFC Bank personal loan application, use one or both of the following methods.

Online Tracker: For online status monitoring of loan application statuses, visit HDFC Bank website and navigate to “Loan Application Tracker.” Enter your application reference number or other pertinent details into this section and track its status.


Customer Care: Contact HDFC Bank’s customer care helpline and provide your loan application details in order to inquire about its status. Branch Visit: Visit an HDFC Bank branch near you and approach their loan department directly in order to inquire about its application status.


How Can You Access An HDFC Bank Personal Loan Statement?

For your HDFC Bank personal loan statement, there are multiple methods you can choose: In NetBanking: Simply sign into your HDFC NetBanking account and navigate to “Loans.” Select your personal loan account from here, select dounload statement option and you are all set!


Mobile Banking App: Access the HDFC Mobile Banking App on your smartphone, navigate to “Loans”, select your personal loan account, and dounload your statement from there.


Branch Visit: Visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch and request your personal loan statement from their customer service desk. Be sure to bring along identification documents for verification purposes.



HDFC Personal Loans offer individuals an simple and flexible way to meet their financial needs. From competitive interest rates and application processes, HDFC Bank strives to make borrowing effortless – whether funds are needed for wedding, travel, medical expenses or debt consolidation purposes, HDFC Personal Loans may provide the answer.



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